The Xcode Guide

Welcome to the website for the upcoming book, The Xcode Guide.

What is The Xcode Guide?

It is a book that will aim to cover every last inch of Apple's Xcode IDE.

What will it cover. Updated

The hope is to cover everything to do with Xcode, including:

Who is writing it?

It is being written by me, Martin Pilkington.

What formats will it be in?

Initially it will only be available as an iBook from the iBook store. It may later be available as DRM-free ePub or PDF.

Why an iBook?

This is partly an experiment. I am very excited by Apple's iBook tools and want to see how they can be utilised to make a book aimed at developers. This means there are benefits such as interactive elements, video, step-by-step guides.

Will there be a print version.


But Xcode gets updated fairly regularly, won't it get out of date?

My hope is to provide free update for each minor version of Xcode.

Will it cover everything at release? New

No. My intent is to initially cover a small number of topics and make the book more comprehensive over time. This means the book can be released sooner than if I waited until I'd covered everything.

When will it be released? Updated

Hopefully summer/autumn 2013.

Is there anywhere I can sign up to get updates?

Sure, just below this very text.

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